About: Ami Jastrzemski

 ©  Marc Pagani -  http://paganiphoto.com/

 © Marc Pagani - http://paganiphoto.com/

I am an introvert, A&E insurance underwriter, and animal lover.

I score a perfect 50/50 split on right and left brain tests.

I am equally a wanderlust and a homebody.

I exercise just so I can enjoy food laden with butter, cheese, and cream. 

I predominantly purchase only those things that are used, or handmade.

I have never owned a home that was less than 100 years old.

I started taking pictures in kindergarten and I treasure every album.

I  have an eye for detail and a passion for documenting all that deserves to be preserved on file, or film.


My approach to photography is simple and authentic.  I allow moments to unfold naturally without hyper-posed imagery, forced smiles, dramatic lighting, or excessive use of flash.  I love harnessing natural and existing light, textures, and documenting real moments.

And my retouching follows a similar light as I endeavor to not edit anything in a manner that could not have been accomplished traditionally.

Tools of the Trade

Digital:  Canon 1Ds Mark III, Sony Alpha a7, Fujifilm X-E1, Canon 5D

35mm Film:  Leica M6, Canon EOS 3, Nikon FM2T, Rollei 35

Medium Format Film:  Mamiya 6, Mamiya 645TL, Yashica Mat EM TLR, Agfa Isolette III

Instant:  Polaroid SX-70 Sonar

Other Interests

Antique browsing, my dog Rani, any excuse to wear a costume, wandering aimlessly, being analytical, and sitting on park benches with my eyes closed in the sun.